Frequently Asked Questions

What is “Contract Driven Development”?

Contract Driven Development leverages API Specifications (such as OpenAPI) as Executable Contracts to shift-left the contract compatibility issue identification. Here is a quick explainer video.

More on this here.

Does Specmatic work with all programming languages?

Yes, Specmatic is a standalone executable that is completely programming language and technology stack agnostic. This is because it works at the level of communication protocols such as http.

Programmatic support is available in JVM languages as a convenience.

How much code do I have to write to get Specmatic running?

Specmatic has a #NOCODE approach to Contract Driven Development and is able to directly work of of your OpenAPI Specifications. So practically no code is necessary other than the API Specifications you may already have.

How does it compare with other tools?

Here are detailed comparison with other tools and approaches

I need some help adopting Contract Driven Development with Specmatic OR would like to request a feature

Please do reach us through any of below mechanisms