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Migration Guide - Qontract to Specmatic

Qontract has been renamed to Specmatic.

Here are a few considerations you will need to keep in mind.

.spec is the new extension for contract files. When using proxy mode, Postman conversion, stub conversion or WSDL conversion, contracts will have the .spec extension. The .qontract extension is still supported, so existing contracts do not need to be renamed.

Here is a list of things that have changed.

  1. The binary is now named specmatic.jar.
    1. Any staging environment wrapper scripts referring to qontract.jar will now need to refer to specmatic.jar.
    2. Local wrappers or aliases referring to qontract.jar will need to be updated.
    3. CI scripts referring to qontract.jar will need to be updated.
  2. QontractJUnitSupport has become SpecmaticJUnitSupport.
  3. qontract-core has become specmatic-core.
  4. qontract.json needs to be renamed to specmatic.json.
  5. A few XML names have changed (e.g. qontract_type is now specmatic_type) so WSDLs may have to be regenerated.