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Specmatic for JavaScript

Use Specmatic node module

The easiest way to get started with Specmatic for JavaScript developers is to use the specmatic node module.

Quick Start

npm install specmatic will install the specmatic locally to the node project.

Sample npm scripts to run specmatic:

You can just add these npm scripts in your package.json and you should be good to run them using npm run script-name in a node environment.

"specmatic-stub": "specmatic stub *.spec --data src/mocks --host=localhost --port=8000"

"specmatic-test": "specmatic test *.spec --host=localhost --port=8000"

Here, *.spec is the path of specmatic files and src/mocks is the path for the stub data directory.

(Check Documentation for more information on cli commands and arguments.)

Test helper library

The npm module also provides a set of helper functions to be used in automated tests:

import { startStubServer, startTestServer, loadDynamicStub } from 'specmatic';

Specmatic JS library exposes methods which can be used in your JS project to setup the tests, as well as do advanced things like load stubs dynamically.

startStubServer(specmaticDir: string, stubDir: string, host: string, port: string)

method to start the stub server.

startTestServer(specmaticDir: string, host: string, port: string)

method to start test server.

loadDynamicStub(stubPath: string)

method to load stub dynamically from inside an automated test.