OpenAPI specs to executable contracts in seconds

Presenter: Hari Krishnan
Event: QA Global Summit 24
Location: Online

Presentation summary

Contract Testing has become increasingly popular in the past few years. However, having to author and maintain API contract files in addition to OpenAPI and AsyncAPI specifications is an additional burden on the teams who are already hard pressed for time. What if I told you that we can use your OpenAPI and AsyncAPI specifications themselves as executable contracts, that too in seconds, in a near no-code manner?


Attend this talk to learn how you can adopt Contract Driven Development to keep both consumer and provider teams on the same page through API specifications. I will also be talking about using GPT to generate domain centric examples / test data in your OpenAPI files which can be used as both tests and stub responses. I will be going over generative tests (inspired by mutation and property based testing) and fault injection again based on API specifications.




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