August 2023

Specmatic API Coverage Report

Early detection of mismatches between your API specs and implementation: Exploring Specmatic’s API Coverage Report

Specmatic’s API coverage report helps identify any mismatches between an OpenAPI specification and an application’s endpoints early in the development lifecycle. The report lists all the endpoints, their coverage, and indicates if they are missing in the spec or not implemented in the application. You can define success criteria for the API coverage report and fix issues.

JDBC stubbing with Redis and Specmatic contract testing.

Break the Chains of Database Dependencies: Leveraging Specmatic for JDBC Stubbing

With Specmatic JDBC stub, you can easily test APIs without the need for a complex database setup. By switching out the real database with a Specmatic JDBC stub, we can set expectations for the stub to respond to specific queries. These expectations can be recorded based on actual interactions. Once the expectations are set, we no longer need the database for our tests!